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Ontraport CRM Review

Last updated: January 2, 2021


Mike Markus
He is a CRM software enthusiast/analyst and the co-founder of CRMAdvice.org. He studied MC-IT Course from Melbourne University.

As a customer relationship management (CRM) and marketing automation company, ONTRAPORT CRM is the main competitor against another CRM software KEAP (earlier known as Infusionsoft).


Ontraport CRM software is rated 8 out of 10 on CRMAdvice.org

In this ONTRAPORT CRM software review you will find out it’s ideal for any:

  • speaker,
  • writer,
  • consultant,
  • trainer,
  • marketer,
  • seminar leader,
  • and even therapist.


Because every feature on Ontraport CRM perfectly fits the “expert” industry.

Now, as most companies website are claiming their services to be the best, the fastest and really the only piece of software you should be using – same with Ontraport CRM software.

ONTRAPORT’s CEO Landon Ray has a vision and he even said: “Ontraport CRM is the only one tool that a small business needs to run their entire business.”

But I was wondering…

Is it really the best, the fastest and the only one you should be using as promised?



1. Ontraport Pages
2. Ontraport Forms
3. Ontraport Mail
4. Two-Way Responsive SMS Text Messaging
5. On-Demand Postcards in Broadcasts or Sequences
6. Visual Campaign Builder
7. Fast Membership Sites
8. Tracking, Stats & Analytics
9. Split Testing
10. Full WordPress Integration
11. Self-Hosted Order Forms and Landing Pages
12. No Need for A Personal Site

Ontraport CRM Cons:

1. Availability of Customer Service
2. Little Third-Party Integration
3. Community

What to Expect From the Sales Experience and Setup Process
Ontraport’s Prices, Contacts, Users
Do I Recommend ONTRAPORT CRM Software?
Should You Be Using ONTRAPORT CRM Software?

CAMPAIGN BUILDER: You Can Have Multiple Disconnected Campaign Paths
AUTOMATION: Highly Personalized With Incoming Leads And Existing Contacts
EMAIL CONNECTION: Gmail, Outlook And Yahoo Automatically Updated
COMMUNITY:  Very Helpful – Facebook User Community (Founder Landon Ray Actively Involved), Conferences
REPORTS:  Unlimited, Nothing Is Missing
LOAD TIME: 225ms
CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: You Have Direct Access To Highly Trained Experts
SUPPORT: 24/7 Chat Support
CALL-IN SUPPORT: Monday-Thursday, 6am – 12am Friday, 6am – 9pm Saturday – Sunday, 9am – 9pm (PST)
MONTHLY RATES:  $79-$497
TRIAL: 14-Day Free Trial
OFFICIAL WEBSITE: www.Ontraport.com


Even though ONTRAPORT CRM software has reasonably small team, with 100+ employees they are growing as expected and they are providing really great user experience.


On 10 points scale, as I have encountered some issues with the Ontraport CRM software – I’m giving them a strong 8.

I will just go straight to the point.


The service is awesome, slick and simple to use.

You can create and launch your landing pages (means: Landing pages are used for lead generation. The action what a visitor takes on your landing pages is what determines your conversion rate).

You can do that by using super simple drag-and-drop interface, NOT needing a designer or a professional develop.


All that happens to be from one of my best-used software companies.

2. Here Comes ONTRAPORT Forms

For as long as I can remember, I have been always looking for some brilliant set of features that will help my business grow great email lists very fast.

I have been searching and searching, only to find out that no marketing automation platform has been able to crack the code.

ONTRAPORT decided to break records by introducing ONTRAPORT Forms to handle a variety of problems in marketing.

For example, if a visitor is trying to leave, it’ll pop up an email form.

It will pop overs from anywhere to everywhere on the screen (the ability to pop up an email from anywhere at any time), two step options (they click a button and an email form pops up).


You can create ONTRAPORT Forms from scratch.

Simply use their click-to-select editor to customize your form.

Have a look on How To Create ONTRAPORT Forms.

As ONTRAPORT is really the first company who pull that off and it really is unreal!

3. ONTRAMail and Others

As the ONTRAMail is both mobile and desktop responsive – this addition helps us to solve this continual trouble, which has been causing many issues before and pretty much keeps continuing on other platforms.

These are… the ugly emails.

From now on, you can create emails that look really nice on desktop and also on mobile devices.

What more awesome stuff could we ask for?


In addition to your emails look nice, they will be responsive as well.

ONTRAPORT CRM software provides different editors to make sure you find the right one for your business.

From simple email editor to raw HTLM email editor.


Here are some of the features that are making the Ontraport CRM space even more interesting:

  • Free landing pages,
  • money saved on the platform,
  • mobilization,
  • responsive mail,
  • new UI.

Last but not least, everything’s looking so good.

4. Two-Way Responsive SMS Text Messaging

This is a built-in feature that is great for speaking engagements.

You can also use it for intimate automations, direct mail, and traditional advertising.

Well, the texts will go for an extra cost at bulk rates with a third-party supplanter.


Be as that may, you will not have to pay extra to send them, and that is something you will not find on KEAP.

The competitor actually demands a third-party plugin to access this functionality.

KEAP does not also have the two-way provision.

5. On-Demand Postcards in Broadcasts or Sequences

This is another feature I have fallen in love with.

It enables me to design the cards on the post and send a bunch of them or one after the other in a one- step sequence.

I do not know what else to call this, if not killer.


With this, there is totally no need to rack your brain regarding coordinating a fulfilment center the way some people do when using KEAP.

There is as well no added fee for the offer, apart from you committing a small cost for the postcard.

Finally, there are no such things as printing, picking, packing, or shipping costs.

It does not get better!

6. Visual Campaign Builder

The fact that there’s a visual campaign builder gets my biggest thumbs-up, something they have made simply awesome.

You can literally build and launch your marketing campaigns faster than ever.


These times are long gone where you had to draw all your campaigns out with drawing program Lucidchart for example.

You can see what is working and what is not, so you can make better decisions faster.

They have even said: “ONTRAPORT 5, the easiest and most powerful visual marketing campaign builder on the market today”, which, I have to agree.

Check out ONTRAPORT 5: The Visual Marketing Campaign Builder

(How it works is you can start from scratch or from a market place of the best practices templates built both by Ontraport CRM and by other Ontraport users.)

You can integrate email, SMS, internal tasks for example sales calls and much more to create sophisticated maps that automate every part of the customer life-cycle, from:

  • lead caption,
  • sales,
  • product delivery,
  • referral generation and more.

This ONTRAPORT 5’s Campaign Builder gives you the tools you need to move faster and the insight you need to make a good decisions about your business – together these are the keys you must have to succeed at any level.

Get a demo from here.

7. Fast Membership Sites

There is no other automation software that has been able to touch this aspect.

For most other CRM tools, you will have to pay an additional fee for membership.

Using your current WordPress site, you will be able to easily and quickly set up a membership site, that’s while using the Pilot Press plugin from ONTRAPORT CRM software.


All of this integrates neatly, and the functions you would otherwise spend hours managing can all be managed in a whiff.

You buy no extra software and pay nothing extra.

This is a godsend if you are a speaker, or trainer, as it is all built-in to make selling easy.

8. Tracking, Stats & Analytics

If you are a marketer, this would be a golden opportunity for you.

You’re having at-a-glance stats that track everything from ad clicks to an actual sales – this already is a huge plus for your business.

They have the ability to track way more stuff that KEAP can.

Setting up a landing page and a high quality campaign requires a lot of time.

On the other hand, what is the point, if you are not tracking how effective it is?

By using ONTRAPORT CRM software you can track anything:

  • Campaign,
  • Lead Source,
  • Medium,
  • Content,
  • Term,
  • URL History.


You can but you don’t have to use all these five following tracking tools at once:

Although, it’s good to know you can do it. With these tool, you will be able to detect precisely where traffic is coming from.


You can track it all the way to the final sale, which gives you lifetime value and profit loss by way of a specific lead source.

9. Split Testing

The split testing capability comes out top notch from the email subject lines to the body of the texts and landing pages.


Aside from the fact that everything can be accessed at-a-glance, the stats are available and cannot be more convenient.

Another score for the marketer, this tool is critical.

The bad news is that KEAP does not allow you to do this at all, and that has put pain to my promising moves.

There are things I wanted to do with the software that I couldn’t, ultimately hurting my long-term growth of conversation rates and the likes.

10. Full WordPress Integration

Well, what do we have here?

Since I use WordPress for my sites, like some of you out there, this feature is my advantage.


ONTRAPORT has made provision for their own plugin called Pilot Press.

The tool integrates with your WordPress installation and allows you to track a lot of things.

The site integration also helps you create quick landing pages, set up order forms, and create a membership site with the aid of ONTRAPORT.

If you blog, you have reason to smile.

11. Self-Hosted Order Forms and Landing Pages

With ONTRAPORT, you will be able to create as much mobile- responsive ONTRAForms and ONTRAPages as you like to host on your site.

I value this capability due to the fact that I can design, edit, and maintain order firmly the way I want on my own server.

With ONTRAPORT Order Forms you can add trial periods, when the full price will be charged after the trial period ends.


ONTRAPORT Order Forms allows you to offer recurring payments, in other words you can create subscription business model.


Next option you can offer is a payment plan.

For example, the cost of a product is $100, what you can do is divide it into four separate $25 payments.


Give clients an option to insert a coupon code for discounts.


I can also use ONTRAPORT to host them in a secured manner without having to bother about SSL or PCI Compliance and the likes.

Like you perhaps, I like to have complete control over my sales processes.

I use ONTRAPages for my email forms, opt-in pages, and landing pages.


It is fresh from the stables and could not complement ONTRAPORT more.

12. No Need for A Personal Site

Maybe along the line, I said something that made you think you need a personal website to use ONTRAPORT.

I am sorry I made you feel that way, but you do not need to be nervous about creating one – because you technically do not have to.

Instead, you can set a domain that points to ONTRAPORT or uses one of their hosting services with your own unique subdomain.

After this, you can create all your pages using ONTRAPages and take orders from their SLL and secure ordering system.

This is really useful and makes it easy for those who are just starting a business.

However, it’s not only rainbows and butterflies.

Now let’s look at the other side of the coin.

Ontraport Cons

1. Availability of Customer Service

This is something we cannot really bring them under fire for.

Nevertheless, as a customer, it can be really unnerving to not have a person on the ready when something goes wrong, especially at night.

Per updates, ONTRAPORT has added a number of teams across the globe to even out hours.

I must admit that it has gone a long way in reducing the night hours to only a few.

But for that few hours where no one is keeping watch, anything can happen.

But their efforts so far are not inadequate, since they continuously strive to improve on it.

Of recent, I have been getting customer support when needed.

But it looks like the company has kicked against calling in.

They abandoned the rest of their support channels, leaving only a chat and support ticket interface in the software.

However, you and I know it’s nice to hear someone’s voice once in a while.

2. Little Third-Party Integration

The company is close to concluding the works for their new API, which will open an entirely new planet of opportunities for the ONTRAPORT community.

But the bad news is KEAP is already racing ahead in this area.

Well, personally, it’s not so big a deal since I use ONTRAPORT when I want to speak or train people.

That does EVERYTHING for me, I haven’t been in need of any major integrations so far.

But if you need to, you may have to get the integration programmer yourself or pay someone to do so.

You can need it on something like Desk.com (takes you to salesforce.com page; final date was March 13, 2020, after that date, the product is no longer supported), ZenDesk, or HelpScout for customer service.

You can get the integrations on places like FuzedApp.com.

Hopeful, API gurus such as Zapier.com will come up with a better integration, because it is really basic right now to add contacts.

3. Community

The update, as far as I know, is that the community is on its way.

Also, ONTRAPORT Facebook User Community (last time I checked had 6624 members) has doubled down on weekly updates from engineering regarding in-app improvements that will better transparency – I really thank them for that.

In addition, their engineering team openly share weekly updates on Facebook Community group.


The yet-to-exist ONTRAPORT community will create an avenue for the craziest of people to connect, chat with each other, and share the best of ideas.

They can talk about their challenges and show one another the way around them as well as the customizations they have been able to make.

Proving it’s more than just a chat room, but more like a learning pool, KEAP has a full-fledged user and developer community.

It has been of immense help to me, and I would really like to see it on ONTRAPORT.

Sooner or later, I know it will happen.

What to Expect From the Sales Experience and Setup Process

ONTRAPORT has no sales rep, and the access is reasonably easy.

If you are not a big fan of salespersons, the sales process on this software had already done you a solid favour.


The sign-up process is quick and seamless, particularly for the fact that there is no upfront coaching or starting charge.

Again, ONTRAPORT has a 14-day free trial, but that for a good reason – it used to have the 90-day money-back initiative.

Now with the free trial there is a straightforward way to check out the software.

The only people who go cancel are those who didn’t put the software to work for them.

If this really happens, you start getting emails from their Support.

They will walk you through the system.

This really makes ONTRAPORT special, because they really are kind and helpful. 

Ontraport’s Prices, Contacts, Users


There are no upfront fees on the platform, but there is a monthly fee of $79 to $497, depending on your kind of use.

Click here to see packages and pricing.

This option is a great one if you have plans to begin the program without hitting the entire budget.

You can get your venture off the ground fast with some dependable automation, and roll from the BASIC to the bigger option as and when needed.

If you are one of those who is sending a lot of emails – we are talking about hundreds of thousands of sent mails – then you will definitely need to upgrade your subscription to ENTERPRISE.

Some time ago, the price of things on the platform was a pain.

Thankfully, the company launched the lower-tier pricing to access a bigger market.

Effortless Setup Alongside Free Assistance

ONTRAPORT has an exciting feature known as ONTRAPORT Projects.

It is a useful little widget you’ll find at the bottom right corner of your app.

Containing dozens of the best-known applications for ONTRAPORT’s marketing automation as well as a step-by-step guide on its implementation.

Do you know what all that means?

You no longer have to pull your hair or wander into the unknown regarding how to do it.

This is what you get in addition to that one-on-one support from the person designated to you.

The timeline for a setup is typically one to four weeks, and that has to be one of my most favorite things on ONTRAPORT.

They help you out and do not come back asking for any money.

Your support hero gets most of the work done for you:

  • Teaches how to add ONTRAForms (email capture forms) to your site.
  • How to best use ONTRAPORT for your venture.
  • Integrates WordPress without upfront packages.
  • Afford you introductory automation campaigns and connect them to your site.

Everything Should Not Be About Money, And I Like It

Another thing I love about ONTRAPORT is their sheer willingness to help users out without asking them for kick-starters.

The software has a tendency to be much simpler and faster to adapt to.

The setup is a nice experience and as painless as it can be.

Do I Recommend ONTRAPORT CRM Software?


Yes, I do.

ONTRAPORT arranges its growth methodically and strategically, doing so with very little marketing and mostly word of mouth.

Signs that they’re a truly great company.

Even while they are growing, they still have 100+ employees.

They do their best to keep things nice, smooth, and functional.

This software is a great long-term bet for your business.

If your business model does well with marketing automation, you can’t get on a better track.


No software has reached perfection, as there is always something I do not like.

ONTRAPORT CRM software used to have a lot of missing and broken stuff, but now my “What I Hate List” has grown smaller, excluding the bigger things I addressed, like the UI.

Well, I am very happy about these developments, because ONTRAPORT keeps getting better more quickly than its major rival.

I like the software and the great team behind it because, for one, it has been easy to learn.

It works, helps me run my business, and does what I tell it to.

At some point I was scared to death that ONTRAPORT 3.0 will be awash with bugs.

But when it was launched some time ago, only 3 percent of support tickets, according to their numbers, was for bugs.

This was a huge relief for me.

So far, I have never had something not work.

The uptime has been tremendous, even when we were transitioning from Office Autopilot to ONTRAPORT.

Should You Be Using ONTRAPORT CRM Software?

Similar to every other software, I find a way to deal with the things that I don’t like – or should I say “drive me nuts.”

So, does it work?

Yes, it does, even better for any venture that needs to keep in touch with its clients.

If you want to make those customers feel you have them at heart, this is how to do it.

Thankfully, the automation triggers in the ONTRAPORT are easy to use and really amazing.

If you are still not sure if ONTRAPORT is the right tool for you, click the link below or just ask me anything by filling the form you will find at the end of this page.

However, I will give you a QUICK TIP, no one paid me for:

If you are an expert into info marketing, or a coach, or seminar leader, or a trainer, or a speaker, or consultant – then there’s hardly any better software solution to run your day-to-day business.

You’re ready?

Click here to start using Ontraport.

If you are still unsure, contact me as soon as possible.

Until then, be good and stay safe.

***Want To Know An Interesting Fact About Ontraport CEO?

I like the company’s founder, Landon Ray, a web and Facebook community activist.

He is very accessible and responsive.

Wherever they’re talking about Ontraport, there to listen and care.

I even heard he once sent to a customer a 533-word email reply, and it made me wonder which kind of CEO has the time to do that if not for concern.

Anyway, here you can check you some of the success stories in different industries:

If your industry isn’t mentioned, or you have a question or two, or you prefer a shorter review, send me a message, I will personally write back to you.

Our CRM Software Review Process:

  1. Using Each CRM Software for 5+ Years.
  2. Ran Businesses With All of Them.
  3. Attended their Events.
  4. Tested for Consulting Industry,
  5. Business or Life Coaching,
  6. Authors,
  7. Blogging,
  8. E-commerce,
  9. B2b Marketing & Sales,
  10. Offline Business,
  11. And for Pipeline Based Sales Model Business.
  12. Compared Usability, Cost & Value.