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Less Annoying CRM Review

Last updated: January 2, 2021


Mike Markus
He is a CRM software enthusiast/analyst and the co-founder of CRMAdvice.org. He studied MC-IT Course from Melbourne University.

Less Annoying CRM’s latest pricing discounts make it the cheapest paid CRM I’ve been using. But does its quality match its price?

Less Annoying is an easy CRM for a very small business to use and requires absolutely minimal training time to get started.


Less Annoying CRM is rated 7,5 out of 10 on CRMAdvice.org

I’ve been using Less Annoying CRM since 2016. I’ll show you how it performs in different categories, and tell you about its features, pricing, cons, pros, and more.

Keep reading if you want to see what Less Annoying CRM can do for you.


Less Annoying CRM Pros:

1. Tasks
2. Customizing Fields
3. Grouping Your Contacts
4. Pipelines (Industry Specific Templates)
5. Notes
6. One of a Kind Customer Service

Less Annoying CRM Cons:

1. Integrations
2. No Mobile App (use Web Browser Instead)
3. No Project Management and Marketing Automation Tools

Less Annoying CRM Pricing
Do I Recommend Less Annoying CRM?

NEW USER EXPERIENCE: Their strength. Easy to figure out without lengthy training
USABILITY: Easy to navigate and find your way around.
It’s not overloaded with an abundance of features
that won’t ever be used
CAMPAIGN BUILDER: MailChimp integration has limitations – you can’t automatically log campaigns that you send to your customers through MailChimp
MARKETING AUTOMATION: LACRM has no marketing tools
EMAIL CONNECTION: Gmail and Outlook. You must use PieSync to integrate with
any email autoresponder other than MailChimp
EMAIL TEMPLATES: Doesn’t have emailing capabilities, nor email templates
COMMUNITY: Yearly user conference, + a Coding Fellowship program
every summer to teach people coding
REPORTS: Easy to use, but lacks of customizability
SUPPORT: The best customer support I’ve seen + quick response to emails (phone support as well), even at weekends, which you won’t get from big CRMs
MONTHLY RATES: $15 per user per month;
No upsells, no complicated plans, no strings attached
TRIAL: 60-day free trial (Through our page)
OFFICIAL WEBSITE: www.LessAnnoyingCRM.com

Less Annoying CRM Pros

1. Tasks

One of the main jobs of a CRM is to make sure that nothing ever slips through the cracks.

You probably have too many commitments and followups to keep track of.

Less Annoying CRM’s workspace gives you a full overview of everything.


You can see all the meetings and appointments for a given day in Today’s Agenda.


When Tasks are just something you need to complete by a due date…


Creating tasks for you and your team is an absolute breeze. Once the tasks and events are set, they remind you when something is coming up, so you can be sure that tasks are handled effectively.

Let’s say you want to follow up with Jane about yesterday’s call.


Just attach a task, set a due date, and create a task from Jane’s record.



Note: You don’t need to worry about forgetting to follow up with Jane, or anyone else because Less Annoying CRM will email you your agenda with all the tasks and events for that day every morning.

All your future tasks and the tasks of your teammates will show up in your Less Annoying CRM calendar.



Need a more robust task view?

The task report shows you everything task related in one place.

You can see future tasks, tasks that are assigned to someone else on your team, or print a report of all the tasks you completed this week to send to your admins.

And it makes it easy to export or print too.


2. Customizing Fields

With Less Annoying there are many ways you can customize your CRM.

I think one of the most important ways is to customize the type of data you need to collect about your contacts and companies.

I like that it doesn’t have many required fields for entering a new contact, so you can take notes on what you know about a user without being forced to fill in fields you don’t have information for yet.

What I like about Less Annoying CRM is that each account comes with basic fields such as name, email, phone number, address, and more. And that’s all good.

But if you need to collect OTHER types of data, such as account IDs or sign-up dates…

Note: That’s where Custom Fields can help. You can personalize what type of data you put into your CRM.

Let’s say you want to know where this exact lead comes from:

Was it from your website, social media, or something else?


It’s good to know that you can add as many fields as you need.

When adding a new contact to your Less Annoying CRM, you will be able to fill in the new field you’ve just created.


Once your contact is created, the Source field will show up along the rest of your contact’s info.


3. Grouping Your Contacts

Having a giant list of contacts is really nice, but what if you want to divide things up a bit more finely?

Segmenting or tagging your contacts that share something in common is a great way to build lists and keep things organized.

Less Annoying CRM’s Groups feature lets you be just a click from a list of people and add structure to your database.


But using groups for what?

For example tagging everyone you met at a conference, or just labeling your personal contacts.


You can easily attach a group to a person, and there is no limit to the number of contacts in a group. And you can create as many groups as you like.


One of the most common questions people ask is:

Should they use a group or a pipeline?

Generally speaking, groups are best for building lists (like everyone in a certain industry, or people who subscribed to a newsletter.)

But they are NOT designed for tracking workflows. That’s what pipelines do.


Pipelines are best for tracking labels or statuses that change over time whereas groups are often best for things that don’t change often, such as your current clients.

Note: Less Annoying CRM doesn’t allow you to create “private” pipelines where you would have full control over user access. Just in case, as you may need to keep certain pipelines hidden from the team.

4. Pipelines (Industry Specific Templates)

I think pipelines are one of the most robust tools of Less Annoying CRM.

What is a pipeline? Simply put, a pipeline is a tool that tracks a specific process from start to finish.

They are most commonly used for lead tracking, so all Less Annoying CRM accounts come with a simple lead pipeline for turning prospects into sales.

Additionally, they provide industry specific templates that come with customized pipelines for real estate, travel agents, insurance, and more.


Note: If you need an industry specific pipeline template for your CRM, just let them know. They’ll help you.

Simple sales process

  • A contact or a company starts as a Prospect
  • Becomes a Qualified Lead

Then its either Won or Lost.


Additional Statuses/Collect Other Information

With Less Annoying CRM you can create statuses that allow you to know exactly where a company or a contact stands and you can give each status a colour to make it stand out on a record.


Also, adding more information like where they came from (use dropdown list) and what their value ($) is.


As I mentioned earlier, you can use pipelines to track just about anything.

From Order pipeline for shipments, which lets you track every order and their history…


…to Job application pipeline to make sure you never miss a step with your candidates.


Customers Record View

Your customer record will hold all the information and data about previous orders with each one holding all the history for that particular order.


Note: The biggest value of pipelines comes from reporting. Pipeline reports are giving you the information on everyone you’re currently working with, so none of your leads or other opportunities ever slip through the cracks.

You see all your leads, their basic info, and their current status.


Important: An important thing that the pipeline feature is missing is the sales pipeline view. This tool would give you an overview of all your leads and their exact phases from a bird’s eye view.

The best sales-focused CRM we’ve reviewed doesn’t force users to sacrifice not having a view like this


5. Notes

Sales notes are a great resource. They don’t just help you, they help your entire sales team, management, leadership, and even your customer.

Less Annoying has an easy-to-use notes feature.

When entering a note you can have it date and time stamped. And if your teammates have access to this record, you will be able to see their notes too, so everyone can stay on the same page.


The activity report is a great tool for seeing every report and note you entered into Less Annoying CRM.

And if you need a narrow view of someone’s work, you can filter by a specific user on the account and the date range.

Filtering your report to only see notes will look like this:


Then print this report and hand in hard copy, or download a PDF version to email it.

Note: Less Annoying CRM’s reports and reporting capabilities are easy to use. But if you need more customizability, tools like Zoho CRM ($12/m) offer a wide variety of reporting options such as Charts, Tabular views, and Summary views, plus it’s all drag-and-drop based.

6. One Of a Kind Customer Service!

I give the Less Annoying CRM customer support 7 out of 5 stars.

Their customer service really does what it says in the title. (And they are friendly – I know people who’ve said they wish their family were this nice)

Firstly, they answer the phones without making you go through multiple stages.

Secondly, they help you set up everything, teach you how to customize pipelines so you can better track proposals, followups, and work in progress (WIP).

Note: With more expensive CRM tools be willing to pay extra or hire someone to customize the product.

Less Annoying CRM Cons

1. Integrations

I have a love-hate relationship with the integration part…

Being such a simple tool, they’re very light on integrations. They are not providing integrations such as Twilio, GoToWebinar, DocuSign, and more.

You have to use a third-party tool such as PieSync which allows you to sync your Less Annoying CRM contacts with 170+ other applications.

But that is an extra $49/month for this tool.

Here is a list of Less Annoying CRM integrations, where the most popular small business apps are Mailchimp, Google, and Microsoft:


Note: If this list has every single integration tool you need to run your business, Less Annoying CRM will be a great fit for your small business or startup.

However, if you don’t see an integration that you are looking for and you’re looking for an integration rich and reasonably priced CRM (who isn’t?), then check out our review of the Zoho One, which has more than forty business integrations.

2. No Mobile App (Use Web Browser Instead)

One of our complaints about Less Annoying CRM is their mobile app.

Well, you won’t find Less Annoying CRM in the Android store or on iTunes. Their mobile site will function on any phone with a modern web browser instead.

The biggest change from desktop to mobile is that the navigation and page menus are collapsed into tabs at the top of the screen.


iOS Note: If you will use Safari as the browser on your iPhone, iOS has a built-in feature that will allow you to pin the mobile website to the app list on the home screen of your device.


Android Note: When using the Google Chrome browser on your Android phone, you can pin the Less Annoying CRM website to the home screen of your device to allow you to launch the CRM with a single touch just like all your other apps.


There is always a small chance that this will not work on your device – at least that’s what they say on their website: “If you’re not sure whether it’s going to work, it can’t hurt to try; unfortunately we cannot guarantee it will work on every device out there, but the vast majority will support it with no trouble at all.”.

I’m always optimistic. Let’s hope for the best.

Overall, if you are familiar with the desktop version of Less Annoying CRM, you can quite easily figure out the mobile version.

3. No Project Management and Marketing Automation Tools

Less Annoying CRM is more of a simplistic tool. Project management is beyond their scope right now.

They have no marketing tools therefore they partnered with MailChimp for email marketing so that you can get your contacts easily passed between the CRM and MailChimp. All the creation and sending (and any automation) is done with MailChimp.

And I totally understand – they focus on the very small business market where these tools are not needed.

You can’t keep everyone on the same page without using different third-party tools and loginsthere are other tools where you can manage your entire project in the same place and do all your marketing.

Marketing automation is simple:

Firstly, you either don’t need marketing automation because your business is very simple, or you aren’t responsible for marketing.

Secondly, you may need some kind of marketing tool, but some basic automation tool that you can sync up through PieSync will solve this for you.

Note: You just need to be honest with yourself about your business needs so that you don’t overspend.

Less Annoying CRM Pricing

It’s $15 per user per month.


They never sneak up on you with additional fees, complicated tiers, ong-term contracts, or upfront payments.

Every account starts with a fully-featured 30-day free trial.

You never pay extra for customer support.

You can always cancel at any time.

Do I Recommend Less Annoying CRM?

If you’re a solopreneur, a very small business, or a small startup, then Less Annoying CRM has a lot to like.

And if your goal is to create simple workflow/pipeline processes, keep customer notes to improve their experience, and have a full overview of all your tasks that needs to be done…

Less Annoying is well priced and their service level is top class.

A couple of small drawbacks are the very short list of integrations and the fact that there are no project management and marketing automation tools.

Their product is very flexible, yet follows the KISS mentality.

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to track your small business, don’t hesitate to give it a try.

Click here to get started with Less Annoying CRM.


With the cheapest price tag and the best customer service it’s a great tool for a very small business owner.

Easy to use and reliable CRM with many strengths.

They’re a small business themselves, so they understand the needs of other small businesses and startups.

Less Annoying CRM is designed as a simple contact management solution, so it’s great for:

  • Keeping profiles on your contacts,
  • Tracking a sales process for them,
  • Making notes,
  • Setting up followups,
  • And managing an internal calendar.

It’s the cheapest CRM at $15 per user per month and with no additional fees nor long-term contracts.

Less Annoying offers a 30-day free trial.

While there are some areas where this CRM has room for improvement, it doesn’t suffer from any major weaknesses of the features it provides.

If what you are looking for has to be more complex with project management, marketing automation, or email marketing, see which vendors are high on our list for that in our detailed review.

However, if this is what you are searching for, get started with Less Annoying CRM.

Our CRM Software Review Process:

  1. Using Each CRM Software for 5+ Years.
  2. Ran Businesses With All of Them.
  3. Attended their Events.
  4. Tested for Consulting Industry,
  5. Business or Life Coaching,
  6. Authors,
  7. Blogging,
  8. E-commerce,
  9. B2b Marketing & Sales,
  10. Offline Business,
  11. And for Pipeline Based Sales Model Business.
  12. Compared Usability, Cost & Value.