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Insightly CRM Review

Last updated: January 2, 2021


Mike Markus
He is a CRM software enthusiast/analyst and the co-founder of CRMAdvice.org. He studied MC-IT Course from Melbourne University.

Insightly is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) for small and medium businesses who want to improve the way they manage leads, projects, and sales.

Founded in 2009, they have more than 25,000 companies worldwide using their services.


Insightly incorporates CRM and project management into an application which lets you get a complete picture of your leads, contacts, organizations, track projects, milestones, correspondence, and project activities in one tool.

Let’s take an in-depth look at this CRM’s features to find out if it’s the best one for you.


Insightly CRM Pros:

1. Lead Routing
2. Reports and Dashboards
3. Linking
4. Mobile CRM Option
5. Marketing Automation (and Emails)
6. Insightly Integrations

Insightly CRM Cons:

1. Pay Extra for Email Integrations
2. Free Version Features Moved to Paid Version
3. Not The Best UX/UI

Insightly CRM Pricing
Insightly Free Version
Do I Recommend Insightly CRM?
The Bottom Line

NEW USER EXPERIENCE: Because of Insightly CRMs multifaced functionalities there is a learning curve for onboarding and setup, but they offer a setup service
USABILITY: It’s too simple and basic compared to more robust CRM needs, The simplicity may be its drawback
CAMPAIGN BUILDER: You can use reports and dashboards to compare your campaigns based on performance, but you can’t create and run targeted email campaigns
WORKFLOW AUTOMATION: Everything from data through tasks to emails could be automated based on your objectives and goals
EMAIL CONNECTION: Email capabilities are limited –read more under Cons
EMAIL TEMPLATES AND EDITOR: Email templates and easy to use email builder with drag and drop functionality support marketing initiatives
COMMUNITY: They are there (support.insightly.ly), but I wish they were more lively
REPORTS: Great feature, and it works alright. One thing: there are certain limitations based on customized fields which makes the exporting more complicated – contacts and organizations aren’t linked in an export
SUPPORT: Good! I found helpful when they explained the things
which the training videos did not cover
MONTHLY RATES: $29-$99 per user per month (billed annually);
monthly starts from $35
TRIAL: 14-day free trial
OFFICIAL WEBSITE: www.Insightly.com

Insightly CRM Pros

1. Lead Routing

New to lead routing? Lead routing (lead distribution) is when a lead gets automatically sent to the right person in real time so that sales representatives can follow up while it’s hot.

The biggest benefit of having this tool in Insightly CRM is that your leads will get a followup from your team.

Forgetting to follow up tends to be one big (if not the biggest) reason why leads get neglected.

2. Reports and Dashboards

The reporting feature gives you the results of your marketing and sales efforts.

With Insightly you can create smart visualizations and explore data trends and patterns with easy dragging and dropping.

For example creating a leaderboard about the top10 performers on your team (this is updated in real time, so when someone outside the top10 closes a big deal, they will be in the top10 right away).


Let’s take a situation where you spent a few minutes modeling your data in Insightly and discovered an awesome trend or chart you really want to share with others.

Now you can very easily share the awesome chart with everyone in your organization with just a couple of clicks.

And then combine multiple visualizations from different data sources in one dashboard:


This helps you get quite a lot out of your data. Seeing a bigger picture – spotting different trends and patterns – is easier when you have everything in front of you.

3. Linking

Relationships are complicated…

…and so are business relationships.

Insightly CRM’s linking tool allows you to connect records so that you can see the relationships between them right in your CRM.


Simply put, the linking tool helps you to find new opportunities and create closer relationships with your customers a lot more quickly.


Example, if you’re getting an important email and definitely want to save that on Insightly (under the sender’s profile).


It automatically links to the contact. And also adds a connection between you and the email sender because it recognizes that you have corresponded with this person by email.


Lastly, let’s say that there is a huge deal going on (with Tony). Then you can involve all contacts that are connected to this deal.


4. Mobile CRM Option

The mobile accessibility is incredibly useful for on the go client relation management.

Insightly CRM is compatible with Apple products (iPhone, iPad), and Android phones and tablets.

These are the screenviews with the application.


On the home task screen you can see all of your tasks in one place, what’s due, what’s overdue, etc. (You can filter then however you like.)

You can have a nice list of all your contacts. You can easily pull data from a variety of sources. (Adding them manually, scanning business cards, importing them from your address book, your emails, and more.) So you really have one true source of data, especially if you’re always on the go.

When you’re on the road and about to meet with a potential client, you want to bring up your sales opportunity with the Insightly CRM search menu.

The only downside is that the Insightly CRM mobile app tends to lag a bit. There are times when I have to push three buttons to make a phone call through the application (I use a year old iPhone X).

Overall, a good mobile app that gives you a great ability to track projects, open opportunities, and produce records everywhere you go.

5. Marketing Automation (and Emails)

The great benefit of using Insightly’s marketing is that you can streamline all your marketing into funnels and a pipeline. It takes time to set up, but once it is ready you can easily track those leads and follow up with them.

Just an idea on how you can build customer journeys that clearly chart their course from prospect to customer.


Their email templates and easy to use email builder with drag and drop functionality really support marketing initiatives.


The ability to send one email to as many people as you need within the CRM saves a lot of time.

Here you can choose a template and a person or people you want to send this email to.


I like that I can send a personalized email to a group of clients without having to write individual emails.

Lastly, you can see when the email was opened and whether they clicked on the link we added.


6. Insightly Integrations

Insightly CRM is well rounded and has many integration options. You can integrate between leads, opportunities, and projects.

List of Insightly integrations:


If these are the third-party tools you need, then Insightly could be a CRM to consider.

A couple of things to know though…

Social media integrations: At this time Insightly CRM only links between their CRM and social media through the link in Insightly that can take you directly to the corresponding social media page.

Insightly could offer more social media integrations such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

At the moment that can be done through Zapier (they have preset integrations with thousands of applications), which you have to pay for.

If you want to combine the power of social media with your sales process, keep track of customers’ social media interactions inside CRM, and build stronger customer relationships, check out Zoho CRM.

Insightly CRM Cons

1. Pay Extra for Email Integrations

Insightly CRM has a lot of integrations, but lacks in email integration.

I recommend Insightly CRM for people who are not concerned about Gmail and Outlook integration.

Insightly CRM does not have a two-way G Suite (Gmail), Outlook integration which means you have to use PieSync (a platform that allows you to sync your leads and contacts with various cloud-based CRMs and email marketing apps in a dual direction) which could be a bit expensive (To keep 2,500 contacts in sync is $29-$79/month).

If you need convenient and automatic email integration for your CRM, check out Zoho CRM and HubSpot CRM.

2. Free Version Features Move to Paid Version

Insightly CRM free version is way better than using any spreadsheet.

But keep in mind when using their free version from time to time that they are moving features which were available in the free version to the paid version.

The only reason why they are doing it:

so that you sign up for the paid version.

For example, you need a higher plan in order to forward emails. It’s something that almost all businesses need. But paying extra for that, I don’t know…

Then there is no support for using the Insightly CRM free plan, nothing.


But as the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

3. Not The Best UX/UI

Overall, Insightly CRM does what it says, but the user experience/user interface is a bit slow.

Navigating from section to section tended to lag even though I used a decent Wi-Fi.


…and I found the new user interface (UI) to be confusing and hard to use.


I know they have a great ability to quickly resize and snap to any size display, but it’s not all roses…

I often find myself clicking too many buttons to get done what I want.

Insightly CRM Pricing

Insightly CRM comes with three paid (Plus, Professional, and Enterprise) and one forever-free plan.

The Plus plan ($35 per user per month) comes with tools you can use to keep in touch with your prospects without missing important opportunities. It gives you up to 100 email templates and you can manage leads and schedule emails with this plan.

The Professional plan ($59 per user per month) has additional features such as lead management and routing. It comes with a business intelligence platform where you can build configurable reports and dashboards. With this plan you’ll get access to opportunity management and customizable sales process features that will help you work more productively.

The Enterprise plan ($129 per user per month) is great for medium businesses. It comes with unlimited storage, unlimited records, and access to contact and organization management which gives you a complete picture of every contact and organization including history, communication, and activities.

Note: the prices get cheaper with annual plans.


All the paid plans come with access to standard support plan where the Business and Enterprise plans include professional services on top of that.

***On top of professional services there are paid Support & service plans for Business and Enterprise level users. The prices vary from the minimum of $1,500 to $10,000 per company per year.

The Premium support plan comes with a $1,500/year price tag and delivers 10 training sessions, phone and email support, and the latter with a 6-hour response time.

The Ultimate plan is $3,000 a year and includes 30 training sessions, priority phone support, a more senior account representative, and 1-hour response time to email requests.

Lastly, the Admin plan ($10,000/year) comes with less than an hour email response time, unlimited training sessions, and full customization with account configuration process, workflows, and reports.


The goal of Support & service plans is to give you guidance, phone support, and training to help you get the most out of Insightly CRM.

Insightly Free Version

Insightly CRM’s “Forever free” plan does not provide all the features that make this product worthwhile over the competitors (they don’t promote that too much) and its limited to max two users – you and your partner.

But still, you can start organizing your business, manage sales and projects in a way you will never do with spreadsheets. I say this with 100% conviction.

The features you can use in Insightly’s free plan are very basic lead management; contact, organization, task, and event management; and opportunity management with customizable sales processes.

Integrations with Slack, Microsoft Office 365 Login, Calendar, OneDrive, and Google G-Suite Login, Calendar, and Docs.

Lastly, the free plan includes 2,500 records and 200MB file storage.

Again, all this for max two users.

Do I Recommend Insightly CRM?

Hard to tell…

They were nothing special. There are worse CRMs I’ve tried.

But at the end of the day, you only need one CRM.

And there were a couple of holes to overlook.

Consider the simple fact that their user interface is confusing and the initial look is not very professional, and rather seems to be a visually unappealing tool.

There are many integrations, but it’s not so easy to use them and this affects the overall performance.

Insightly CRM has great potential. Their cloud-based solution gives you the freedom to open up and get the real-time information in every place where there is an Internet connection, but there are many other tools on the market which provide exactly the same benefits.

But again, go through the pros and cons in the next section and decide whether this tool works well for your business.

The Bottom Line

When a new user or an employee first looks at Insightly CRM, they may make the mistake of thinking that it is an old program.

It’s because the first impression might be that it’s visually not so pretty, something is missing. (I’ve heard this from many who use Insightly as well.)


A CRM is something we use every single day, and from the user’s standpoint it really should look better and more attractive.

…and in order for Insightly to be a great CRM tool it requires users’ acceptance.

What I like about Insightly CRM:

  • The ability to open opportunities and produce records
  • Projects are a great way to track contacts, add comments and attachments. We have relevant history of a specific project in one place
  • Customize views and workflows based on your business needs and user preferences
  • Easy to use mobile app while you’re on the go. Available on Android and Apple devices
  • Real-time data dashboards help you get the most up to date information right in front of you (for example the sales reps’ leaderboards so that you can see who is performing at their highest level and act accordingly)

What I don’t like about Insightly CRM:

  • Simplicity may be its drawback. It’s too simple and too basic for more robust CRM needs
  • Social media integrations (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) can be done only through Zapier
  • The fact that I have to pay extra for email integration
  • Visually not business-like

Important thing to consider before getting started with Insightly CRM is that support & service yearly plans for mid and larger businesses vary from $1,500 – $10,000 (on top of service payments).

Overall, Insightly started out targeting smaller businesses, but after seeing the higher value in larger paying clients…

…there has been a lot of new functionality aimed at higher subscriptions where a few smaller but obvious wins have been ignored.

I believe this might irritate the long term loyal but small client base.

If you’re only paying for one CRM service, there are a few others I’d recommend you check first.

Our CRM Software Review Process:

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  2. Ran Businesses With All of Them.
  3. Attended their Events.
  4. Tested for Consulting Industry,
  5. Business or Life Coaching,
  6. Authors,
  7. Blogging,
  8. E-commerce,
  9. B2b Marketing & Sales,
  10. Offline Business,
  11. And for Pipeline Based Sales Model Business.
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