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Freshworks CRM (formerly Freshsales) Review

Last updated: January 2, 2021


Mike Markus
He is a CRM software enthusiast/analyst and the co-founder of CRMAdvice.org. He studied MC-IT Course from Melbourne University.

Freshworks (formerly Freshsales) is a popular CRM service with over 150,000 businesses using it.

In fact, on their homepage the CEO says that they don’t do different things, they do things differently. And their promise is very simple – they want to be your friend.


Freshworks CRM is rated 8.0 out of 10 on CRMAdvice.org

One of the features that makes Freshworks CRM special is their simple notification tool, so you can stay up to date and follow up with your contacts on time.

There is no excuse to forget about anyone no matter how busy you get.

We have been testing and analyzing Freshworks for three years to find out how it performs in each category and whether it really does things differently.

FRESHWORKS CRM (formerly Freshsales) Overview

Freshworks CRM Pros:

1. Email Syncing and Tracking
2. Sales Campaigns
3. Notifications
4. Everything in One Place with Dashboards
5. Reports
6. Lead Scoring
7. Integrations

Freshworks CRM Cons:

1. Issues with CRM Migration
2. Can be Slow at times

Freshworks CRM Pricing
Freshworks Totally FREE Plan: Sprout
Do I Recommend using Freshworks CRM (formerly Freshsales)?

NEW USER EXPERIENCE: Takes time to understand
USABILITY: After using it for 3-4 weeks it becomes relatively easy to understand, but I find it a bit clunky
CAMPAIGN BUILDER: No need for additional tools – create, send, and track your campaigns within your CRM
AUTOMATION: Automation capabilities – definitely their strength
EMAIL CONNECTION: Integrates with any email provider
EMAIL TEMPLATES AND EDITOR: Use their formatted templates and share them with your team to help it send emails faster
COMMUNITY: One for developers, one for how-tos and helping peers
REPORTS: Great. They’ve even added sales activity reports
SUPPORT: Really good. Agents are quick to respond and knowledgeable
MONTHLY RATES: $12-$79 per user per month (billed annually);
monthly starts from $19
TRIAL: 21-day free trial
OFFICIAL WEBSITE: www.Freshsales.com

Freshworks CRM (formerly Freshsales) Pros

1. Email Syncing and Tracking

You can integrate your email into Freshworks so that all incoming and outgoing emails are logged.

It connects with your mail, so all conversations are synced – you can send (and even schedule) emails from the dashboard.

Freshworks CRM integrates with any email provider:


Powered by two-way which helps you find all emails in your Freshsales inbox.


Before I used a proper email tracking tool, one of the most common issues with email marketing was that I didn’t know when the emails were received, let alone where the emails were read by them.

Note: Tracking all your emails helps you determine the level of your customer and prospects’ engagement with your business and identify those who are most interested in what you sell.

With Freshworks CRM you don’t have to comb your inbox to find the people who’ve responded to your emails. You know right away if emails were delivered and if and when they have been read.


Email tracking right from the Freshworks tool saves a lot of hassle. Everything is very well organized and you won’t miss any important emails from your leads.

Plus, you can track if links in the emails have been clicked by whom and how many times.


All this helps you a lot with followups and your sales funnel in general.

Lastly, Freshworks CRM allows you to create personalized emails. This will add uniqueness, increase attention, and increase click-through rates. You can send bulk emails with one click.


Bulk emails don’t come from a “.freshsales” email address, so their deliverability is much higher.

Pretty cool.

2. Sales Campaigns

You don’t need a separate third-party integration to create, send, and track your campaigns. You can even automate your outbound campaigns right from the CRM.

All your customer data through the entire customer lifecycle live in your Freshworks CRM, allowing you to use it as your single source of truth and make better business decisions.

There are two types of campaigns you can create: Classic and Smart.

With classic campaigns you can select a specific day and decide the course of action. You can set a series of steps like sending an email, following up, and doing reminder calls, and then watch how they get executed automatically on schedule.


Smart campaigns let you tailor campaigns based on your prospects’ behavior in real time. And you can define the next best step for each prospect based on his/her response or level of interest.


3. Notifications

Freshworks’ notification tool makes your life much easier, plus makes sure that you don’t miss anything important.

Important: active followup is required to push leads closer to the closure of a deal.


Freshworks CRM has the notification option to make sure that you don’t need to constantly check your feature alerts, tasks, and their due dates.

For example, the Freshworks notification feature lets you know whenever your most important leads open emails.

You can receive three categories of notifications:

Reminders: All your upcoming tasks and appointments will be reminded by email and are listed in the desktop notifications.


Daily emails: Received by email daily

Desktop notifications (In web): Notifications appear in the top right corner

Note: The notifications are specific to each other, although there are some notifications that might help improve your productivity. It is left to the user’s choice to decide what they wish to be notified on. This saves the user from being annoyed by unwanted notifications.

The only thing I find disturbing is that when I create an appointment or a meeting, my contact/lead also receives an email. This is a cool feature, but I want to decide whether I want the customer to be notified or not.

4. Everything in One Place With Dashboards

The Freshworks CRM dashboard feature is great: all your to-dos and scheduled appointments are in one place.

Track all your sales activities that need to be done for today, tomorrow, or even the coming week.


I like how they’re sorted by their due dates and you can see who they’re related to.

Communication among colleagues is far better as you can all see each other’s updates and dashboards. You can help each other out, as all your cases for different clients can be viewed together. (You can edit those settings if you don’t want to show your dashboard to others.)

There is a daily activity summary where you can see the list of completed sales activities on that day.


Note: You can filter and customize almost all aspects of the Freshworks CRM dashboard: from date and activity type to all completed activities where you can add outcomes for them if required.

5. Reports

The best way to track a sales activity and learn from its performance is to create reports. The Reports feature is in the Garden plan ($25 user/month billed annually).

Evaluating your team’s performance is easier when having visual graphics, tables, and charts in front of you.

For example, this lead funnel chart and a table with all these data give you an overview of all the leads your sales team is working on.


Or if there is a specific set of sales reports you look into every day, what I like about Freshworks CRM is that it gives you the view of all those daily/weekly/monthly reports on a single screen.


A couple of things that using Freshworks CRM reports helps you to do:

  • get insights
  • follow up on the teams’ performance
  • make important timely decisions about your team, prospects, revenue, and a lot more

These days salespeople engage with leads and customers through various channels.

Freshworks CRM gives you four metrics to reason out the performance trend of any sales rep.

In 2021 activity-based selling is important. These customizable sales activity reports have been on my wishlist for a long time. They’re finally here.

As this is unique for each business, you can create those customer activity reports while using different categories such as:

Tasks – the number of created and completed tasks

Appointments – the number of scheduled appointments

Emails – how many emails are sent, opened, clicked, and more (image below)


Phone calls – the number of outgoing calls by your sales agents (image below)


Note: You can always export those reports as a .CSV file.

6. Lead Scoring

After testing and analyzing Freshworks CRM with other CRM providers on the market their lead scoring tool is one of the best I’ve used.

New to lead scoring? Each lead is assigned a score based on his interaction with your company. This information helps you take action accordingly.

Running a business with hundreds of leads coming in daily makes it complicated for your sales reps to go through each lead simply based on intuition.

Spotting hot leads from cold leads will save you a lot of time and energy.


That is what Freshworks CRM lead scoring does: every time your lead engages with your business in some way – visits website, opens an email, etc, his lead score gets updated.


7. Integrations

Freshworks CRM can be integrated quite easily with other software to enhance functionality.

You can integrate all of their Fresh tools (Freshdesk, Freshworks, etc.) with each other, which I find helpful.

The integration with Zapier, for example, makes online leads easy to process and deal with quickly.

Calendar, GSuite and mail integration is really responsive, so all incoming and outgoing emails are logged. (I personally used both Google integrations and Office 365).

Here’re just a few:


Freshworks CRM (formerly Freshsales) Cons

1. Issues with CRM Migration

This case didn’t happen to me, although it did to a software company with which I had a chance to discuss this issue in person.

Here’s what happened:

Freshworks sales rep was doing his job – selling Freshworks CRM.

The rep promised to provide full service assistance with migrating their data from a previous CRM. (This was a big reason for choosing Freshworks CRM.)

The rep promised to do this job by a certain date.

Their sales team ended up having no CRM tool for 10 days (using spreadsheets for notes) as the folks from Freshworks didn’t finish their job! (A bit of over-promising.)

Once the incomplete data showed up days later, they were missing the dates of actions and whole categories of actions.

Let’s hope this won’t happen again.

2. Can Be Slow at Times

There have been times when it seems to be lagging.

Even though I’m running Freshworks CRM on a brand new computer with 100Mbps Internet speed, the loading time for pages is slow.

The CRM takes longer to load in case of heavily loaded database.

I really hope they read my review and solve this asap.

Freshworks CRM Pricing (New Pricing From October 2020)

A great thing is that you don’t have to worry about recurring costs and you have to pay only for what you use.

  • Free ‘Sprout’ plan is for up to 10 users
  • Growth – $29 per user per month, billed annually. For small and fast growing sales organizations that need an all-in-one sales CRM
  • Pro – $69 per user per month, billed annually. For larger sales teams that want to scale and build efficiency
  • Enterprise – $125 per user per month, billed annually. Enterprise level solution

Freshworks Totally FREE Plan: Sprout

Similarly to HubSpot CRM, Freshworks CRM offers a completely free plan that works well, but only allows limited features which include leads, contacts, accounts, and deals tabs.

You also get access to a built-in phone and email, basic lead scoring, and standard reports.


Important: The free Sprout plan doesn’t give you multiple sales pipelines, which are essential if you’re a salesperson. In that case you should start using their Garden plan ($25/user/month).


If you are a small – medium business with no technical staff and need assistance with data migration (moving data from one application/computer to another) and ongoing support without any additional cost, choosing Freshworks CRM is a great idea!

And can Freshworks CRM compete with top CRMs on the market?

Right now the answer is yes.

Despite its handful of tiny weaknesses, I’m confident about this CRM’s ability to provide the top tools needed to run your business successfully.

Their support staff are very easy to deal with, patient, and nothing is too much trouble for them.

After using it for a couple of weeks it’s a simple and easy application to use.

The registration and setup will be done within two-three days, plus the customer support will immediately help you with any questions.

Having Freshworks CRM well integrated with FreshDesh and FreshChat is a huge benefit.

Do I Recommend Using Freshworks CRM?

Yes, I do.


As far as CRMs go, this one is hard to beat. Their email tracking, sales campaigns, notification tool, reports, and lead scoring tool are all top notch.

While it is a premium service – as the pricing reflects, they offer a great 24/5 support (I once called them for help on a Saturday and someone answered and was very helpful.)

It’s worth your money, which is why I recommend this and the two other (Zoho One and HubSpot CRM) top ranking CRMs on our 2021 review list.

Our CRM Software Review Process:

  1. Using Each CRM Software for 5+ Years.
  2. Ran Businesses With All of Them.
  3. Attended their Events.
  4. Tested for Consulting Industry,
  5. Business or Life Coaching,
  6. Authors,
  7. Blogging,
  8. E-commerce,
  9. B2b Marketing & Sales,
  10. Offline Business,
  11. And for Pipeline Based Sales Model Business.
  12. Compared Usability, Cost & Value.