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CRM Research & Reviews


CRMAdvice’s main goal is to provide honest and transparent CRM reviews and testing to everyday folks like you and me.

To date, we’ve done several tests, such as:

  • Using each CRM software for 1+ year
  • Ran businesses with all of them
  • Attended their events
  • Tested for consulting, life coaching, authors, bloggers, B2b marketing & sales, offline business, e-commerce, and for pipeline based sales model business
  • Compared usability, cost & value

Below you can find all the research (and CRM reviews) we’ve published since 2018:

Research & Case-Studies on CRMs

  • Best CRMs Overall (10 best-performing CRMs out of 42 we’ve reviewed)
  • Best Small Business CRM 2021 (list of best small business CRMs)
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  • What is Mobile CRM? (features, benefits, best apps 2021)
  • 56 Eye-Opening CRM Statistics (all statistics with explanations and comments)
  • A Beginner’s Guide on CRM (28 most commonly asked questions about a CRM)
  • What is a CRM? (questions and answers)
  • 25 Tips To Utilize Your CRM (follow these to get maximum profits)
  • 35 Key Benefits of Using CRM Software (how CRM improves customer relationships)
  • What is Sales Management? (questions and answers)
  • 51 Statistics You Must Know to Improve Your Customer Experience (follow those to improve the customer experience)
  • What is Relationship Marketing? (definition + ways on how to create lifelong customers)
  • 27 Reviews on Different CRMs