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Close CRM Review

Last updated: January 2, 2021


Mike Markus
He is a CRM software enthusiast/analyst and the co-founder of CRMAdvice.org. He studied MC-IT Course from Melbourne University.

“The mission behind the great Close CRM was that never again should a business fail because it couldn’t figure out sales. That’s a problem we could solve for them.” These are the words of Steli Efti, the co-founder of Close CRM.

To find out how good this sales-focused customer relationship management (CRM) really is I put Close CRM to the 3-month test.

I used and analyzed every feature from its reporting and built-in email system to campaigns, and robust sales pipeline management capabilities.

I have everything you need to know about what Close CRM can do (and whether it does it really well) detailed below.


Is Close CRM “the ultimate cloud hosted CRM for salespeople” as they promote themselves?

…and are they really helping salespeople to have some new kind of superpower in sales they didn’t have before?

Let’s find out.

CLOSE CRM Overview

Close CRM Pros:

1. Overview of All Your Sales Activities
2. Zoom Conference Now Inside Close CRM
3. Reporting
4. Sales Pipeline View
5. The Search Feature
6. Built-in Call and Email Integration
7. Close CRM Integrations

Close CRM Cons:

1. No Mobile App – Yet

Is Close CRM Really The Best CRM for Startups and Sales Organization?
Close CRM Pricing
Do I Recommend Close CRM?
The Bottom Line

NEW USER EXPERIENCE: Easy to set up even for nontechies
USABILITY: User interface (UI) is easy to use and understand, but remains powerful. Make calls and send letters by email very quickly and easily.
CAMPAIGN BUILDER: Automated emails, drip campaigns, and autoresponders – they have it all
AUTOMATION: Automate your emails and even calls (with their built-in Predictive Dialing software)
EMAIL CONNECTION: Integrates with any email provider; Close CRM keeps track of all your emails no matter where you send or receive them
EMAIL TEMPLATES AND EDITOR: They are great salespeople themselves. They’re always testing and even give you cold email templates
COMMUNITY: Couldn’t find any
REPORTS: Truly powerful feature with all possible options
SUPPORT: It’s good. Their technical support will solve all your problems. And they reach out to you to make sure that you have everything you need to be more successful
MONTHLY RATES: $21.25-$80.75 per user per month (billed annually);
monthly starts from $25
TRIAL: 14-day free trial

Close CRM Pros

1. Overview of All Your Sales Activities

The first thing you see when opening up Close CRM is the overview of your sales activities where you can see all the items that need attention. Everything from tasks and reminders through emails and calls to voicemails, so you always know what is going on and what you should do next.


(Once I returned a missed call or completed a task on this list they disappeared from this list.)

I signed up a couple of colleagues to test the sales workflows, and found out that all of them had full access to everything going on in the sales process.

So you can be sure that all the repeatable set of steps you and your sales team make to move a prospect from lead towards becoming a customer is viewed all together.


2. Zoom Conference Now Inside Close CRM

Sales is nothing but result-driven communication.

Because of that, sales CRMs need to be communication software first and foremost.

Zoom has seemingly replaced services like Skype (Microsoft) and Google Hangouts as most people’s go-to platform for video calls.

In April 2020 Close CRM announced a partnership with Zoom, so from now on every video call is automatically attached to the appropriate lead.


VERY important note: Once you connect your Zoom account to Close CRM, all your previous Zoom cloud recordings are automatically brought into the app and synced to the right leads.

What is the biggest benefit of using Zoom in Close CRM?

The call itself happens in the lead view, so you can take notes and see previous interactions with this lead without leaving the CRM. As if that wasn’t enough, all your recordings are saved to leads, so you can come back to those past meetings and analyze them.

Lastly, Zoom is available for all plans and users!

3. Reporting

The importance of sales reports cannot be overestimated and Close CRM has really put a lot of effort into those features.

New to sales reports? They help managers to monitor the performance of their sales team and plan effective sales strategies for the future.

These reports have something very good.

You can divide all the information into parts and review the section that you consider the most relevant by comparing certain data from different aspects of the sales section.

Let’s go through them.

Activity Overview and Comparison Reports

Close CRM makes sure that you keep a close eye on your sales reps metrics that matter.

That is meant to serve as a real time dashboard of your team’s activity and results.

You have a real-time leaderboard, so you can increase competition among salespeople. (Remember to add good prizes for the best!)


And having a big picture of your entire team’s activity over any time period allows you to run instant comparisons so that you know how they are doing now compared to the previous period.

For example, how did they perform Q2 this year vs. Q4 last year?


Email Reports

Plus you can see reports of all your emails, Close CRM provides a breakdown of the number of emails you’ve sent and the number/percentage of opens and responses.


You can also easily run A/B testing while testing different subject lines, content, as well as understand the efficiency of your sales team’s emails to prospects.


A great report if you want to visualize your data in graphs in hundreds of new and useful ways.

For example, I created line graphs to show you the number of calls compared among salespeople in January and July.


You can quickly create all sorts of line graphs and bar charts based on whichever parts of your sales data you care about:

  • Are we making more calls per day/week/month than we used to?
  • How many emails were sent over time by a person?
  • Or create a graph of how many opportunities were won over time and when.
  • Or create a breakdown of leads created manually, by API, or by email.


The list goes on and on – you can do all that within seconds.

Lastly, at any time you can export the completed reports as a CSV/Excel or a JSON file.

Note: Explorer reporting is only available on their Business plan.

4. Sales Pipeline View

Sales pipeline is important because it gives you an overview of deal management and forecasting within your Close CRM account.

As soon as you create any opportunities the pipeline view is automatically filled with leads and deals in different phases.


I found it saves me tons of time when I have an action-oriented unified view of all my sales activities and to-dos in front of me.

The drag and drop feature allows you to update deals with one click by simply moving them to another stage.


Close CRM automatically calculates the actual and expected value in real time, so you don’t need to manually enter the data.


Overall this tool helps you focus as you can see all your actionable revenue insights and deals on one page. The Close CRM team has made moving, editing, and updating pipeline data as easy and fast as possible.

5. The Search Feature

When doing sales, you’re always going back and forth searching for a specific lead or contact name.

Close CRM has taken the search centric approach where you can create any customized list of leads and treat them differently based on their unique characteristics.

I couldn’t remember the name of a marketing agency in my notes. Now by just entering the client’s name Close CRM gave me the name of the agency. Pretty cool.

You can search either by the name of the lead or narrow down your results by searching for Product Type, Event, Lead Source, and you can go as deep as searching for leads that are in a specific time zone.


There is a lot that you can do with the Close CRM search feature and in the beginning you need to take a bit of time to discover it. Once you know what to do, it’s an awesome tool with a great return on investment (ROI).

6. Built-in Call and Email Integration

Personally speaking, emails and phone calls are preferred communication methods when working on closing sales.

Close CRM know what they are doing as they have built-in call and email integrations, which makes sure that there is no unnecessary data entry.

I tried the Gmail integration where emails show up in both places as expected (and in real time) without funky formatting or crosslinks to follow. It allowed me to send automated emails from Close CRM and custom responses from the Gmail interface.

Creating email sequences is easy; you don’t need additional setup for it.

For beginners: An email sequence is a series of emails automatically sent to a segment of people on your email list.


I simply added a new step and picked a template I wanted to use. By the way, there is no limit to the number of steps you can create.

The only thinking work I had to do was when choosing how long I wanted the delay to be between steps.


Using your own number for built-in calling?

With built-in calling each Close CRM user is given a phone number to make or receive calls or text messages to. Although if you want to keep your excising number, feel free to do so.


Important: I called customers in the United States, Asia, and Europe. The calls were charged per minute according to Twilio’s Voice pricing.

All you have to do is click the “call” button and start selling – no need to log calls, switch apps, change windows, or clunky browsers – simply make your Close CRM and phone act as one.

The recorded calls are automatically listed along emails and notes.

This is incredibly useful in longer sales cycles.

Why? Because you can go back and hear what a customer said on the call three month ago. It’s so much better than just using notes.

Note: Every call is logged automatically making it simple to track your team’s activity in real time.



7. Close CRM Integrations

Another great thing about Close CRM is the integrations – the software can be integrated with a lot of third-party apps under main sections.

I counted more than 40 well known integrations from Mailchimp, Intercom, and PandaDoc to Slack, Stripe, and Trello.



If they don’t provide the exact integration you’re looking for, you can always create a custom integration with Zapier or their application programming interface (API).

Close CRM Cons

1. No Mobile App – Yet

If you have a company with people who do not sit at a desk but are on the road jumping from meeting to meeting, you probably need a CRM application for that, right?

Considering what I pay for Close CRM I would appreciate having an iOS/Android mobile app…


I wish they had an app where I could answer calls from my phone and not have to be in front a computer; and I’d love to manage/track our pipeline on the go.

So if you are on the road a lot, this may not be the best fit for you.

(The desktop interface is amazing though.)

Again, that is why it is not recommended for field based sales teams.

If you have a field based sales team and need a sales focused CRM which has a mobile application, check out Pipedrive.

Is Close CRM REALLY The Best CRM for Startups and Sales Organizations?

First, let’s make one thing clear.

“The only thing that matters if you want to go from zero to a million dollars is sales. Sales are the only thing that matters.” – Russell Brunson


No one knows how good your product is until they use it.

After going through all the pros and cons about Close CRM…

Personally I think they are one of the best sales acceleration platforms for growing teams.


They completely focus on sales.

For a startup or a sales organization the sales part is crucial in the beginning. Without sales there will be no tomorrow.

The list of features they provide for startups and sales teams is remarkable:


Note: Close CRM is an inside sales CRM, and most of their customers are inside sales teams, so there isn’t enough demand within their target market to justify building a mobile app.

Overall, Close CRM is the best value for money you can find (for startups focusing on sales). There are all the features you will need with a very responsive and helpful support. No CRM is perfect, but this one’s very close to perfect.

If you’re looking for a similar sales-focused CRM which provides iOS/Android apps as well (not just web-based) and is cheaper, check out Pipedrive.

Get Started With Close CRM Now!

Close CRM Pricing

Close CRM provides four subscription plans where you have enough options to choose the one that fits your business best. All plans come with a 14-day free trial.

With Close CRM annual payment you’ll get a 15% discount. (Annual payment is paid in full at the beginning of the billing cycle.)

Questions about the business plan pricing? Contact vendor by clicking here.

The Starter plan comes with essential CRM tools for small teams (max 3 users). It providers users two-way email sync, real time sales activity reporting, and activity, task and pipeline management. The Started plan is limited to 2,500 leads and 4,000 contacts.

The Basic plan has the same feature package as the Starter plan with max 30 users. It includes unlimited leads and contacts, one pipeline, and unlimited custom fields. Plus it has sales comparison reporting and real time leaderboard features.

The Professional plan is for even bigger teams (max 100 users), and comes with more advanced features such as bulk email sending, email and domain filtering, and three types of opportunity pipelines. This plan comes with a power dialer which allows callers to dial long lists of phone numbers automatically.

For enterprise level companies there is the Business plan which has unlimited user allocation with tools such as voicemail drop, call recording, call transferring, and group numbers. For pricing and discounts for the Business plan contact them and say that Mike from CRMAdvice sent you.


Do I Recommend Close CRM?

First, I’m happy with the value we get for what we pay.

And a couple of problems that it solves:

  • Getting new salespeople trained in a new CRM system in days instead of weeks. That is important for me!
  • The volume of sales activity increases a lot. (the sales dialer saves a lot of time)
  • Getting a full overview of the sales performance (sent emails, opens, and the number of calls made, minutes spent talking about specific tool, and much more) of every member of your team to ensure they are working to their full potential.

Overall it solves the CRM functionality for a sales organization and a startup.

Again, do I recommend Close CRM?


…if what you read here resonates with you.

Get started with the one and only Close CRM

Bottom Line

Close CRM gives you the opportunity to have all the points of communication in one view.

From a management’s standpoint Close CRM reporting covers everything, so I can cut and slice data to get a high level of reporting details on a campaign level, company level, and individual rep level.

What I like about Close CRM:

  • Having a full overview of your sales activities right when you open the CRM
  • With Zoom you have every video call automatically attached to the appropriate lead (they added it in April 2020)
  • Since all calls and emails go through their CRM, the reporting is always automatically updated in real time
  • All revenue insights and deals are on one page
  • Searching for leads and contacts has been made easy
  • Built-in call and email integrations
  • Wide range of integration possibilities

What I don’t like about Close CRM:

  • No mobile application for teams who are on the road
  • Prices higher than competitors’

Again, I like that you have the ability to call, text, email, and now Zoom as well – all within the same program.

So you can see exactly how someone else in marketing talked to person A last week and then if you go to follow up you already have the context of what they discussed.

Despite a bit higher price point (read you get what you pay for)…

…Close CRM is especially worth considering if you’re looking for a long-term sales-focused CRM for your startup, small business, or freelance project.

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