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Bitrix24 CRM Review

Last updated: January 2, 2021


Mike Markus
He is a CRM software enthusiast/analyst and the co-founder of CRMAdvice.org. He studied MC-IT Course from Melbourne University.

Bitrix24 is a social enterprise network that’s 100% free for small businesses (under 12 employees).

It gets even more interesting – Bitrix24 has a ton of features. It combines customer relationship management (CRM), social intranet (a private network that can only be assessed by authorized users = you), project management, file sharing, and even likes from social media – all in one platform.


In this Bitrix24 review we’ll focus on the CRM features.

So from a CRM standpoint Bitrix24 stands as a unified tool to manage your leads, contacts, deals, invoices, web forms, sales reports, and sales automation.

Bitrix24 is available on the cloud and on premise, which means self-hosted. (We are focusing on Bitrix24 cloud service, as it is 100-times easier because you don’t need to install and manage it on your own server, and cloud technology is so much more popular because you have 24/7 access from anywhere where you can get connected to the Internet.)

Again, Bitrix24 CRM has an incredibly long list of features, so let’s see how complicated it could be!

BITRIX24 CRM Overview

Bitrix24 CRM Pros:

1. Activity Stream
2. Tasks
3. Social Media
4. Reporting
5. Bitrix24 Integrations

Bitrix24 CRM Cons:

1. (Annoying) Notifications
2. The Bitrix24 Mobile App is So-So
3. The User Interface (UI) Could Be Better

Bitrix24 Free CRM
Bitrix24 Pricing
Do I Recommend Bitrix24?
Bottom Line

NEW USER EXPERIENCE: I quickly found myself overwhelmed by the learning curve as there are too many choices
USABILITY: The user interface (UI) is similar to Facebook, is a bit complex, and needs tutorials to get used to it
CAMPAIGN BUILDER: Email, SMS, even voice campaigns are easy to set up
AUTOMATION: Surprisingly good automation tools, you can even have your phone calls automatically recorded

(Workflow automation is now only available in the Standard $99 plan)

EMAIL CONNECTION: Integrates with any email provider; you can send email messages right from Bitrix24 and message history is saved to the CRM
EMAIL TEMPLATES: Many templates to choose from
+ you can add your own email templates and distributing them to users is a piece of cake
COMMUNITY: They have a forum which is no longer active + they say that 95% of your Bitrix24 questions are answered on their website
REPORTS: Simple to create, but I would like to see improvements for sales forecasts
SUPPORT: Support is friendly.
But there are times when technical support takes a long time to respond, and when they do, their answers are not clear
MONTHLY RATES: Read more about their free plan
Paid plan pricing $19-$159 per month for all users (billed annually and has different user options, read more about pricing);
monthly starts from $24
TRIAL: 30-day free trial, and you will need all 30 days to explore all the functions Bitrix24 offers
OFFICIAL WEBSITE: www.Bitrix24.com

Bitrix24 CRM Pros

1. Activity Stream

The main purpose of Bitrix24 activity stream is to improve your company’s internal communication and make it easier.

Bitrix24 Activity Stream allows you to be aware of all the current activities related to you such as task notifications, workflows, new messages, comments, files, etc.

For example, if you have to draw your colleagues’ attention to some important information, you can do so with the Announcement option.


2. Tasks

You can plan and manage workflow in your company with the Bitrix24 Tasks feature. And you can always create a new one.


I believe that Bitrix24 is doing a good job for basic task management.

I like that you can add roles in each task, be it a responsible person, creator, observer, or participant.


The responsible person can change deadlines, skip weekends and holidays, approve the task when completed, etc.


Each task has a comments section which helps to gather real time feedback and queries.

There’s always the question how efficient you really are.

Bitrix24’s efficiency feature tracks all assigned tasks to measure how many of them were completed on time without objections. This gives a better overview of individual and group performance.


Most importantly, there is no more guessing – you know exactly who should be getting rewarded and promoted.


Simple project visualization might be what you need.

The Kanban board in Bitrix24 is for that.


What can you do with this tool?

  • Group task cards logically how you need them
  • Create custom stages for each project – names, colors, stage numbers, etc
  • Set deadlines directly on the board
  • Drag & drop project tasks to different stages

3. Social Media

Bitrix24 has a very efficient unified workspace that allows you to communicate and do a lot on the company intranet, for example to connect your social media to Bitrix24 CRM.

This way all the leads from social media are automatically added to your Birtix24 CRM so that you can work with potential clients who have shown interest on social media in Bitrix24.

4. Reporting

It is easy to create and download CRM reports using templates or customizations based on your needs.

Taking regular client reports for example, you can see how many clients have bought something from you within a selected reporting period.


And the Clients by number of deals table shows you clients, total number of deals, the number of won deals, the amount ($), and conversion rate (won deals amount percentage of the total deals amount).

Managing your employees

This might not be necessary for most cases because it’s about managing your employees, not your customers, but I’ll show you what you can do with Bitrix24.

Making work reports, for example where you gather information about employees’ work made for the defined time period.

Choosing the reporting period and how often your employees will need to submit reports. (It can be daily, weekly, or monthly.)


We all forget things. If an employee hasn’t submitted a report for a specified reporting period, he or she will get a notification.


Lastly, you can view the information about your employee’s workday (if you have made rules that everyone has to insert their daily clock-in and clock-out time, duration of breaks, etc.)


Note: If you are looking for a tool which has a custom reports feature, check out the review of Zoho CRM.

5. Bitrix24 Integrations

Bitrix24 comes with many integrations, such as DocuSign, MailChimp, Zero – all that to make managing any kind of company easier.


It really performs most of the tasks natively which other CRMs rely on integrations to handle, such as timesheets, invoicing, and telephony.


The one integration I felt missing was the note taking app Evernote…

…and if you need custom reports, you would do well when using …..instead.

Couldn’t find the integration you need on this list?

Hold on.

There are 400 more functions, features, and applications that you can add to your account from their Marketplace.


For example there are already 100+ payment systems…

Bitrix24 CRM Cons

1. (Annoying) Notifications

Bitrix24 has many ways in which to send notifications.


You’ll constantly get notifications of activities, tasks, and opportunities.

For example when someone interacts with a record that you created or have opted to follow, a notification will pop up telling you that it’s time for you to take action.

And that’s good.

But here’re a couple of not so good things…

Whenever I log in, it can at times be a little annoying to see the same notifications again and again (and the sound of the notification alerts too, but that is a small thing).

I found the notifications by email (when I’m offline) a bit irritating too, though at the same time they’re effective – you can be sure that you will not forget anything.


Lastly, push notifications on the mobile app can be slow and tend to be late.

Note: If you don’t want to use the notification feature, you can turn it off.


2. The Bitrix24 Mobile App is So-So

The mobile app and Bitrix24 desktop app sync all your CRM information. The mobile app is currently available on Android and iOS (Windows phones are not supported).

To keep everything with you as you go it comes with CRM elements such as Activities, Calls, Contacts, Companies, Deals, Quotes, Leads, Products, Tasks, …you can talk to employees, live chat, send invoices, etc.


And of course you can create new leads or change deal statuses anytime no matter where you are.

A couple of downsides: sometimes I can’t login in with Facebook.

Push notifications can be slow (it slows me down because the notifications are late) and the app takes time to load even though I use a brand new phone and the Internet connection is decent.

The overall performance can be improved.

3. The User Interface (UI) Could Be Better

The user interface looks really attractive!


I just found it to be a bit complex compared to other CRM providers, especially in the beginning when I had to spend additional time (too full of text) familiarizing myself with it.

There is room for improvement of the user interface (UI), and if developers worked on the user experience (UX), that would be great too.

The reason for the UI for not being as slick compared to their other features might be because they have so much to manage. The UI needs a bit of cleaning up.

Bitrix24 Free CRM

The Bitrix24 free CRM comes with an access to core CRM tools such as lead, deal, and task management capabilities.

In addition to that…

…leads, contacts, companies, deals, products, quotes, invoices, and email marketing are all unlimited.

All the communication tools – group chats, instant messaging (IM), activity stream, workgroups, telephony, mobile, email, employee directory, and the company structure directory are also available for free for unlimited users.

For email marketing campaigns they let you send the maximum of 1,000 direct emails from the CRM per month.

Why is it all free? What’s the catch?

There are limitations such as the maximum of 12 users and 5GB of online storage.

If these limitations are fine for you, get started with the Bitrix24 free CRM.

Bitrix24 Pricing

The paid plans are very reasonable considering what you get.

When you outgrow the 12 seats or need extra features, the pricing plans are among the cheapest I’ve seen with this number of all-round features.

Note: You are NOT paying per user, you are paying for 6, 24, 50, etc… users.

I know, it’s pretty cool.

Their CRM+ plan ($69 for all users per month) is for the maximum of 6 users and includes 50GB of storage and features such as Sales Center, CRM analytics, CRM marketing (bulk emails, etc), and a list of 35,000 email addresses which can be used for email marketing.

The Standard plan is $99 for all users per month (maximum 50 users) and comes with 50,000 email addresses, 100GB, and the Sales Intelligence feature with a limit of 100,000 leads, deals, contacts, or companies included in sales intelligence reports.

For unlimited users with 100GB of storage and for only $199 per month there is the Professional plan.


Note: $69, $99, or $199 may sound a lot, but those plans are for unlimited users. CRM providers that cost $10 or $20 per month per user can very quickly add up to even higher prices.

Do I Recommend Bitrix24?

It depends…

Let me explain.

They have hundreds of features that might lead to confusion when using Bitrix24, and some of the features might not even be necessary.

While robust project management and advanced sales intelligence tools are vital for your business…

…the team management tool might be totally unnecessary for your business.

The complexity of the features might be the biggest concern when choosing Bitrix24 and not other CRM services (that focus only on customer relationship management) on our best CRM of 2021 list.

At the same time the Bitrix24 free version is an almost complete product with a great set of features for up to 12 users and this itself makes you curious about how much better the paid version will be.

If you’re looking for budget-friendly deals for a nonprofit organization or a very small business, then the Bitrix24 free version is worth considering.

Bottom Line

The guys from Bitrix24 are doing well.

Although the famous Chinese philosopher Confucius said:


With Bitrix24 we can see they’re chasing too many rabbits at the same time: CRM, social intranet, project management, file sharing, and likes from social media platforms.

I know it’s nice to have all the solutions in one place, but you can’t be at the top of the game while focusing on too many things at the same time.

What I like about Bitrix24:

  • The overall experience
  • Dynamic search takes into account keywords, so the account card can be found even if I do not remember the name and surname of the client
  • The free version has a lot of features and is for up to 12 users
  • Their own marketplace with 400 additional functions, features, and applications you can add to your account
  • Team and employee management (time sheets, time tracking, etc.) system (if you have employees to manage)
  • Pricing – which is not per month per user, but for all users (from two to unlimited)

What I don’t like about Bitrix24:

  • Too many choices might lead to confusion for new users, but with time you’ll get used to it
  • User interface (UI) & user experience (UX) looks like Facebook but needs a tutorial
  • Can be frustrating to get support at times, and it seems that they use Google translate for responding (not always though)

If you as a user need all those features at the same time, then you should definitely go for Bitrix24, but if you’re looking for just a CRM software for your business, then don’t hesitate to look at the list of best CRMs in 2021.

Overall, being able to manage your CRM, set up a website (yes, you can do that too), or use it as a team management tool is all great, but Bitrix24 tries to do too much at the same time…

If there was a way to customize it to your specific case, they would be more effective in my opinion.

Our CRM Software Review Process:

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  2. Ran Businesses With All of Them.
  3. Attended their Events.
  4. Tested for Consulting Industry,
  5. Business or Life Coaching,
  6. Authors,
  7. Blogging,
  8. E-commerce,
  9. B2b Marketing & Sales,
  10. Offline Business,
  11. And for Pipeline Based Sales Model Business.
  12. Compared Usability, Cost & Value.