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Who we are & what we do?


We are friends and colleges of CRM enthusiasts who have been using different CRM software solutions for different businesses for 5+ years. We actively use CRMs for years, then writing honest reviews of all the pros and cons about each.

In order to write honest, in-depth and best CRM software review..

We have been using and testing CRMs in different industries:

    Business Coaching,
    Brick and Mortal,
    And The List Goes On and On.

From here (on desktop at a right side; on mobile at a bottom) you can find out our review process behind each CRM Software.

Our revenue model

Every business needs a revenue – we, too!

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Meet the Team

Mike Markus

Mike Markus

Co-Founder & Editor

Mike Markus is co-founder, editor and contributor of CRMAdvice.org. Mike manages the team of 5 analysts/contributors behind CRMAdvice.org. Some of the articles are published under his name as others prefer to stay anonymous.

Carl Loss

Carl Loss


Carl Loss is our CRM Software user and analyst. At the moment he is using, analysing and testing different CRM Software tools. New reviews of other CRM Software solutions are coming soon.

Team of 4 people

Team of 4 people


Four people team of analysts, contributors, users and researchers behind CRMAdvice.org who have been using different CRM Software solutions for 5+ years, but prefer to stay behind the scenes.

Interested in contributing?

We are more than happy to hear from your experience with CRM software solutions, if you have been actively using one for 2+ years.

Content example: Ontraport Review and Keap Review
Send us your CV and previous jobs: info@crmadvice.org